Company profile

Our Company’s figures

  • Established: 1984
  • Employees: 400 (permanent job contracts)
  • Sales Proceeds of the Group in the year 2017: 130.00 Mio EUR
  • Shipments in the year 2017: 88.700
  • Warehouses and storehouses: 126.000 mq
  • Capital stock: € 7,000,000
The company was established by the D’Auria family
Purchase of the first Innloaders (transport of glass large sheets)
First Ro-Ro transport along the route Brindisi/Patras
Opening of a branch in Patras
First Ro-Ro transport along the route Salerno/Valencia
Opening of a branch in Valencia
The fleet reaches the number of 500 units
Opening of a branch in Barcelona
First transports to Tunisia and Morocco
Opening of a branch in Tunis
Opening of a branch in Udine
The fleet reaches the number of 900 units
Opening of a branch in Koper
Opening of a branch in San Bonifacio (Verona)
Opening of our new branch in Varedo
First rail intermodal transports to Germany
Opening of a branch office in Portugal
30 years of quality and punctuality
in the intermodal transport field

Since its establishment in 1984, the COMPANY has had an only important goal: to look for solutions combining operational cost reduction with a low environmental impact.
Within this context the combination of the two factors costs/environment would guarantee significant competitive advantages not only to Trans Italia but also to the whole industrial sector that, in the south of Italy, is penalized by its decentralized position as regards its reference markets.
With these goals and with a pioneer spirit, the Owners, being aware of the financial risks and not only, that their action would cause, already in the mid ‘90es, in close collaboration with the shipowner Grimaldi, have given place to the first sea intermodal connection that every week and by a dated Ro-Ro ship linked, at that time, Salerno to Barcelona.
This is how the “sea motorways” were born. Years later, in June 2001 in Goӧteborg, the European Community adopted them with the purpose of improving connections with the peripheral regions of the European Union and drastically reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
At the same time, the big investment made by the company in equipment

and immobilizations, the directly controlled branches and subsidiary companies set up in Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Greece, Slovenia- its direct presence at the main Italian ports (Salerno,Civitavecchia, Livorno,Savona, Ravenna, Brindisi, Catania and Palermo)- the shipowner Grimaldi who today boasts the fastest and most modern fleet of Ro-Ro ships in the Mediterranean - made it possible to develop a well organized network of sea intermodal connections that, with fast and reliable services and at a low price, has allowed the enterprises in Southern-central Italy to open themselves to far away markets from which they were excluded.
As leading company in Italy in the use of sea motorways, Trans Italia s.r.l. is working,, with quality services, also in all the other Countries of continental Europe. Along these traffic routes, in order to protect the environment and reduce costs, it is planning to make use of the railway modality, that as regards organization, equipment and availability of special trailers is already at an advanced stage of realization. Within this context it has opened new branches in Verona for connections with central Europe and in San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) for the markets of Eastern Europe.



  • Along all transport stages we are proud of being:
  • Transparent
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Ready to meet our customers’ needs
  • Committed to improving our personal and professional skills